Sending Your Recordings

Individual digital files for transcription which are 35MB and under can be sent to Capital Transcription via email. Files that exceed this size limit can be sent to us either via your organisation's own file transfer facility or via a website such We will let you know when the files have been received, imported into our software and test-played, so that you know we are 'ready to go'.

If you are uncertain about how to send us your transcription files and you would like some guidance, please contact us on 022 493 4047 or contact us via the feedback form - we are happy to talk you through the options and/or the process.

Receiving Transcriptions

Your transcripts need to provide you with exactly what you need for analysis, review or publishing purposes. Therefore, we transcribe your recordings according to your express requirements - whether this is for full verbatim (all ums, ahs, ers, you knows, etc., included), a cleaner version of the recording (sometimes known as 'intelligent verbatim') or a combination of the two. To make this process as easy as possible we send you a one-page questionnaire prior to starting on your transcriptions to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.