We have three tiers of rates, depending on the nature of your requirements:

$50.00 + GST per hour of transcription time. (General transcription: Monday to Sunday, including evenings)

To put this into a total cost context, we work to a ratio of 4.0 x the length of the audio for intelligent verbatim transcription (one-on-one); 4.2 to 4.5 x the length of the audio for complete verbatim or more complex transcription (e.g. high degree of technical content or excessive sound quality issues); a ratio of 4.0 to 5.0 for multi-speaker recordings (e.g. focus groups and meetings).

Please note that the ratios cited above may increase in the following situations: projects involving transcription of multiple numbers of files that are 5 minutes in length or less; a requirement for NVivo formatting of the transcripts; complete verbatim transcription of a multi-speaker recording. This is due to the extra administration and/or transcription time involved in these situations.

$55 + GST per hour of transcription time. (Legal and medical dictation service)

We work to a ratio of 3.0-3.5 x the length of the audio for all general legal and medical dictation and have extensive knowledge of legal and medical terminology.

All legal work is completed in strict accordance with the client's express templates/wishes and follows the conventions outlined in the NZ Law Style Guide.

All work is delivered to a 24-hour turnaround/client deadline.

$60 + GST per hour of transcription time. (General transcription: fast-track service)

Often clients require very urgent general transcription services with work needing to be returned within 24 hours, requiring us to reprioritise existing work and resources and to arrange extra resource. This rate applies in these circumstances.

We reserve the right to charge more than the above ratios for audio recordings of poorer sound quality or where other factors may be present that slow down the transcription time, such as: significant background noise or phone connection interference/feedback; an especially technical topic; accents, age or disability affecting the speech of the participant(s); and/or other related speech-obscuring factors. We would always discuss in advance with our clients if any of these factors has a significant bearing on the time taken and get their consent to proceed before proceeding with the work.

For overseas clients: the above hourly rates are in NZ dollars and GST is zero rated.

Payment Terms

Small projects are invoiced on completion, whereas large projects carrying over more than a calendar month will be invoiced in month-end stages.

Invoices are due for payment 7 days from the date of the invoice. Acceptable forms of payment are internet, phone or manual bank payments (account details are provided on the invoice), credit card or PayPal payments. If you are paying by credit card, please let us know so we can provide you with the necessary details. Note that Capital Transcription does not accept payment by cheque.

For NZ universities, owing to the fact that payments on invoices are seldom made on time, we no longer accept '20th of the month following' payments. If you are a staff member or student of a university, we expect that payment will be made either personally within seven days and reimbursement is sought directly with the university yourself, if applicable, or that payment is made on a University P-card within three days of the receipt of the invoice (as it takes four days for a credit card payment to be processed).