Capital Transcription provides the full range of audio transcription services (for e.g. transcribing interviews, medical letters and reports, legal memoranda and notes, speeches, hui, meetings, judicial and other hearings, seminars, conferences). We transcribe from all the common digital transcription formats: DSS, WAV, MP3 and WMA, and as we utilise the latest file conversion software, transcription from almost all video and audio formats is also possible.

Once we have received your sound file(s), we will transcribe it into a Word document, other standard Microsoft Office document, NVivo-ready template, or client-supplied template - whatever you require. From there the completed transcript is emailed to you or uploaded to your web server, Dropbox etc., as your needs dictate.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide general typing or secretarial services or provide audio transcription services from tapes/cassettes. That said, we are more than happy to give you a recommendation of some excellent providers in this area who we have personally worked directly with.

To find out more about our audio digital transcription services or to request a free, no-obligation quote for your project, please contact Melissa on 022 493 4047 or CONTACT MELISSA.